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The One World Orchestra is a new, ground-breaking music ensemble, drawing on the expertise and musical traditions of diverse musicians from across the planet, living and working in the UK.  

Saied Silbak CREDIT Hatem Kiwan - Saied Silbak One World Orchestra

Aims of One World Orchestra: 

  • To build a professional ensemble of diverse musicians to bring higher profile to the wealth of musical talent in the country and to create a new, multi-cultural sound for 21st century UK

  • To provide regular musical activities for displaced people and local community groups

  • To identify, train and support talented musicians to from diverse backgrounds to provide those activities themselves

One World Orchestra collaboratng

Presenting our first project: Songs From Home 

Songs From Home, is an expanding musical exploration of the way humanity experiences belonging. Every person, community, nation and culture has a connection with the feeling of Home - whether that’s a place, a set of values or an experience of acceptance.

Watch our Songs From Home music video

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